Spyware Seizer 2007

Spyware Seizer 2007 is an advanced but easy-to-use antispyware/trojan/virus/worm.


Full version of Spyware Seizer includes 9 Real-Time Protections, HIPS and anti trojan/virus/worm. Effectively remove spyware, adware,
worms,viruses,trojans, keyloggers, home page hijackers and other malware threats ,even dangerous threats like WinFixer, SpyAxe, Movieland, SpyFalcon,
ViKing,Worm.Bagle. Spyware Seizer 2007 can remove and block over 170000 known spyware and internet threats from ever being installed in your computer,When Spyware Seizer detects a malicious program or potentially unwanted behaviour, the user is immediately alerted and can prevent the program running or modifying something,Spyware Seizer is also a HIPS which stops malware before it gets on to your computer. The most significant new feature of Spware Seizer 2007 is the 9 Real-Time Protections, This feature tracks execution of every program in the system,These shields work much like security checkpoints in your computer, monitoring system, application, and Internet changes and activity for anything potentially hazardous.With real-time shields activated, many spyware applications can be intercepted and disabled before they can be installed, helping to stop potential security leaks before the spyware has the ability to run. Spyware Seizer also have advanc tools against many of their unknown variants,Spyware Seizer is more than a spyware remover that scans the hijack programs in your
computer and tweaks your system, manages key area of your pc. With "Advance tools " you will know everything that is running in your computer including system process, general software, spyware/adware and virus. Also, you can detect IE extentions, BHO(Browser Plug-ins) and services info and so on.
Version 3.2 is a major update,featuring optimized application performance,SpywareSeizer 3.2 comes with an integrated automatic update feature, which easily and conveniently installs the daily updates without you having to manage the process,Now users can use Spyware seizer 3.2 for free in 30 days.




Spyware Seizer 2007の対応動作環境
ソフト名:Spyware Seizer 2007
動作OS:Windows Vista/XP/Me/2000/NT/98/95
種類:シェアウェア :$29.95
作者: Mei Ai 









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  1. ウィルス Happy99.exe 駆除 ウィルス Happy99.exe を簡単に駆除できる(ユーザー評価:0)
  2. Spyware Seizer 2007 Spyware Seizer 2007 is an advanced but easy-to-use antispyware/trojan/virus/worm.(ユーザー評価:0)
  3. !AutoRenewAntiVirus とっても軽量なウイルス定義ファイルの自動更新ソフト(ユーザー評価:0)
  4. ウィルス感染予防Tool 「ウィルスに偽装したファイル」を間違ってダブルクリックした際に警告を出す(ユーザー評価:0)
  5. VirusDetector 携帯できる軽量なウイルス・スパイウェア駆除ツール(ユーザー評価:2.5)