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The chart with the roof crack, the development chart, and turning down figure are offered.


3R-CAD provides automatic roof tile calculation and allocation.
The major development aims are to realise the "3R; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" for roofing materials and to achieve "zero waste emissions".
3R-CAD is implemented through a spreadsheet based program in conjunction with calculation software that is based on CAD,
which makes 3R-CAD a unique and a first-of-kind application.
3R-CAD is a powerful and productive program. By just entering information on the dimensions of roof tiles (roofing materials) and the roof angle,
3R-CAD can produce the following plans and data:
1. A roof plan that shows the layout/allocation of each roof tile
2. An elevation plan showing the dimensions of the roof timber
3. An upper view roof plan that shows the shape of the roof
4. SE data (CSV format) showing the surface dimensions of the roof where waste is not generated, the total number of roof tiles, the number of pre-cut roof tiles and the volume of waste.
5. NC data (CSV format) that can be used for an NC lathe.
The data calculations show how many tiles can be pre-cut, the volume of reduced waste and the number of recyclable tiles.
The 3R-CAD Free Version available for download from this website and is a great introduction to the 3R-CAD Professional Version.
Outline of the 3R-CAD Free Version
The 3R-CAD Free Version is operated through Autodesk's AutoCAD (tested with AutoCAD 2004) and generates the three following DWG format files:
1. A roof tile layout/allocation plan on each roof frame.
The generated plan consists of the layout/allocation of roof tiles, the number of roof tiles and the number of pre-cut roof tiles.
2. An elevation roof plan
The plan used to find any errors or differences in the dimensions between the plan and the actual roof.
3. An upper view roof plan
Provides an easy to understand overview of the shape of whole the roof.


3RCAD-English for AutoCadの対応動作環境
ソフト名:3RCAD-English for AutoCad
動作OS:Windows XP/NT/98/95
作者: JRTA 




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