Stella Cielo(English) Test Drive

To what do the stars guide us?



This is a visual novel game exclusively for use with Windows.
During the game, the player will be presented with a series of choices,
and depending on the selections made, the story will unfold in different ways.

Aside from living with a crow that can talk for some reason, young Loren’s life was plain and simple,
and the 18-year-old boy spent the nights of his ordinary existence gazing up at the starry skies

Or, more accurately, his existence was ordinary, until the day he was sitting at home and heard a sudden roar.
Rushing outside, he discovered a strange oblong contraption stuck into the earth of his garden.

A girl, looking like a princess out of a picture book, stepped lightly from the machine, and without preamble, spoke to Loren.

“So you’re the hero of my planet,” she said, in lieu of greeting.

“…excuse me?” the boy stammered, unable to conceal his surprise.

But the young lady, who he would later learn was named Minna, paid no heed to his confusion.
Without further explanation, she dragged Loren back with her to the fantastic world from
which she had suddenly appeared.

And so began the tale that would change Loren’s life.


Stella Cielo(English) Test Driveの対応動作環境
ソフト名:Stella Cielo(English) Test Drive
動作OS:Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
作者: 氷雨 




To  do  us  stars  what  de  gui 


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