GNU CHESS for Windows 3.0

MicroSoft Windows port of GNUCHESS 3.1 (alpha test version)


Aug 26 1990:

Here is version 1.0 of my MicroSoft Windows port of GNUCHESS 3.1. This is
the alpha test version. I would like people to try it out and if you find
a repeatable bug please E-mail what causes it and what happens. In a month
or so I will post the source. I need to clean up any major bugs and add the
GNU copywrite notice.

release notes:
1) I have only tested this under windows 3.0 386 enhanced mode.
2) It requires at least 282k of memory.
3) I think it will fit on a EGA screen.
4) Most of the GNUCHESS commands are implemented.
5) When computer is playing itself abort by clicking on any square.
The last move made will most likely show "draw" or "mate", ignore
this message. You may have to remove the last move.
6) To have the computer think while it is your turn, select "easy"
from the menu. Clicking on square to take your turn will abort
the look ahead.
7) There is no help file.
8) The file must be in the same directory as
the executable.
9) The program create a file "chess.ini" in your windows directory to
store various settings. Currently only the screen colors.

Daryl Baker


GNU CHESS for Windows 3.0の対応動作環境
ソフト名:GNU CHESS for Windows 3.0
動作OS:Windows 3.1
作者: Daryl Baker 




alpha  test  of  MicroSoft  port  GNUCHESS 


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