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Note: If you are using System 7.1.1 - 7.5.2, you should use StuffIt Expanderェ 4.5. If you are running a System prior to 7.1.1, you should obtain StuffIt Expander version 4.0.1. To download version 4.0.1 and obtain up-to-date product and technical information, please visit our Web site at:

StuffIt Expanderェ is Apple event aware, 32-bit clean. Expander is also compatible with Power Macintosh, AV, ユ040 cache, and virtual memory. Expander has an intelligent background processing scheme that makes it perfect for expanding groups of files so you can continue to do other things with your computer.

StuffIt Expander is designed to be the simplest, most efficient way to expand compressed and/or encoded files that you may have received from the Internet, an online information service, bulletin board system, over a network, or from a co-worker. StuffIt Expander handles the four most common compression and encoding formats: StuffItェ and Compact Proェ archives (.sit, .sea, and .cpt) , BinHex (.hqx) , and MacBinary (.bin). ShrinkWrapェ disk image files and Private Fileェ security-encrypted (.pf) files are also accessible via StuffIt Expander.

StuffIt Expander expands files which have been encoded into BinHex 4.0 (.hqx) format, such as those commonly found on the Internet. Multipart BinHex files, such as those appearing in Internet newsgroup postings (e.g. comp.binaries.mac), are fully supported. StuffIt Expander will also ignore any headers from BinHex files. An example of when you would use this feature is when you download a Macintosh file to your PC and move the file to your Macintosh.

New in version 5.5 of StuffIt Expander
Tar (.tar) expansion support
Mac OS 9 Support


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ソフト名:StuffIt Expander 英語版
作者: Aladdin Systems, Inc. 




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  • StuffIt Expander 5.0 - 全Macユーザ必携のアーカイブツールがバージョンアップ
  • MacLHA 2.21(FAT) - 定番アーカイバ、LHAのMacinotosh版