a general purpose, formatter-independent index processor


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The program makeindex is a general purpose hierarchical
index generator; it accepts one or more input files (often
produced by a text formatter such as TeX (tex(1L)) or
troff(1), sorts the entries, and produces an output file
which can be formatted. The index can have up to three lev-
els (0, 1, and 2) of subitem nesting. The way in which
words are flagged for indexing within the main document is
specific to the formatter used; makeindex does not automate
the process of selecting these words. As the output index
is hierarchical, makeindex can be considered complimentary
to the awk(1)-based make.index(1L) system of Bentley and
Kernighan, which is specific to troff(1), generates non-
hierarchical indices, and employs a much simpler syntax for
indicating index entries. For illustration of use with
troff and TeX, see the section EXAMPLES below.

The formats of the input and output files are specified in a
style file; by default, input is assumed to be a .idx file,
as generated by LaTeX.

Unless specified explicitly, the base name of the first
input file (idx0) is used to determine the names of other
files. For each input file name specified, a file of that
name is sought. If this file is not found and the file name
has no extension, the extension .idx is appended. If no
file with this name is found, makeindex aborts.

For important notes on how to select index keywords, see the
document by Lamport cited below. As an issue separate from
selecting index keywords, a systematic mechanism for placing
index terms in a document is suggested in Index Preparation
and Processing, a paper cited below.


作者: Nelson H.F. Beebe 




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