DJGPP Toolkit のクライアント,デモファイルとドキュメント


Quarterdeck Office Systems has contributed the X11 R5 patch
level 26 libraries, header files and demos ported to the DJGPP
distribution and DESQview/X. The libraries were built with
DJGPP 1.12. This contribution is the X11 only portion of the
DESQview/X X11 OSF/Motif Development Toolkit, DJGPP edition.

In order to use this toolkit you will need:

1> The DJGPP compiler version 1.12 or greater.
2> DESQview/X 2.00 or greater.
3> A PC 386 or better, 8MB RAM (16 MB or more recommended),
minimum of 20 MB of disk space after installation,
approximately 30 MB is used installing items 1 and 2.
Of course you will need more disk space as dictated by
your development efforts.

There are two zip files

qdlib200.zip - contains the X libraries, header files and
other \lib files - everything you need to build
an X client.
qdtkt200.zip - contains the clients, demos and doc files.

Unzip these files in the directory that you have DESQview/X
installed in. They will consume approximately 5.2MB of disk
space. There is a DJGPP.BAT file which sets up your
development environment assuming that you have DESQview/X
installed in c:\dvx and your DJ distribution installed in
c:\djgpp. Modify this batch file according to reflect your
actual configuration.

See the c:\dvx\tktdoc directory which contains the ascii text
.doc files that correspond to the harcopy toolkit manual which
is normally sold with the DVX toolkit. See overview.doc,
install.doc and trouble.doc for starters.

Quarterdeck Office Systems offers an OSF/Motif 1.2.4 toolkit
for the DJGPP distribution. Quarterdeck also offers the
OSF/Motif Window Manager. Contact Quarterdeck for details
at (310) 392-9851.



作者: Quarterdeck Office Systems 




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  1. gcc gcc 2.5.8 日本語マニュアル(ユーザー評価:0)
  2. go32 go32 1.12m3/4 for DOS/V ver 2.2(ユーザー評価:0)
  3. go32 DJGPP 1.12 maint3 の go32.exe のバイナリのみ(ユーザー評価:0)
  4. gdb-4.12 98版実行形式 djgpp 1.11 用 gdb(ユーザー評価:0)
  5. djgpp v2.03 libc for PC-AT/PC-9800 PATCH djgpp v2.03 のライブラリを PC-9800, DOS/V 対応にするパッチ(ユーザー評価:0)