WinNET Mail

Internet Mail System With TCP/IP


W h a t i s W i n N E T ?

WinNET Mail (TM) is a Windows 3.1 application for sending
and receiving Electronic Mail and News articles with the
world-wide Internet and Usenet networks using just your
Windows system and a modem. The connection with the
Internet and Usenet is provided through WinNET
Communications' computer system providing WinNET (SM)

W h a t i s TCP/IP?

TCP/IP is software that allows you to establish a direct
connection to the Internet network so that you can use client
software that requires interactive access to network resources.
Examples of such client software would include World Wide Web
(WWW) browsing software such as Mosaic or NETSCAPE, on-line FTP
programs, Internet Relay Chat, Internet Talk Radio, Gopher,
Telnet, and so forth. These programs are not included in the
electronic distribution of WinNET, but public domain versions
of various Internet applications are available (free of
charge) through WinNET Communications once you set up an
account. In fact, you can start downloading these programs
as soon as you get connected -- we provide installation support
to make setting up TCP/IP and various applications completely

WinNET's TCP/IP software is a special, high-performance version
of Core System's highly regarded Internet Connect product. When
you set up WinNET, the TCP/IP software is transparently installed and
set up to operate using PPP (Point-to-Point) protocol for serial
(modem) communications.

W h a t y o u n e e d t o R u n

1. Intel 80386/486/Pentium system
with a minimum of 2 Mbytes RAM.

2. Microsoft Windows, version 3.1, OR Chicago
OR Microsoft NT OR OS/2.

3. A Hayes compatible modem.


The registration fee for WinNET is $39.95 plus S&H. When you register, WinNET Communications will provide you with a license number for your copy of WinNET. Once entered, it will make the software a registered version. We will also send you a copy of our retail version, WinNET Plus.


WinNET Mailの対応動作環境
ソフト名:WinNET Mail
動作OS:Windows 3.1
種類:シェアウェア :$39.95(US)
作者: WinNET Communications, Inc. 









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